Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Introduction Blog

Okay so here is what you came here for folks:

If you for some reason saw Music, Men & Mary J and said to yourself, fuck me, did I write this last night when I was high? Then this just might be the blog for you.

I decided to start writing this because like all writers, one day you just decide your friends must be really tired of reading your shit, if you ever have the guts to ask them one more time. You know that they already fucken know you and your excruciating analyses are topics of conversations so common that your writing is Just Too Much? Just Too Much Anne. 

So you hope and pray to the Astrology God that some fucken one who doesn't know you, and therefore has high chances of being like you. When you take the chances of that happening in an English-Speaking world population compared to that of your circle of exhausted friends, the chances are higher that someone will be almost as fucked up and appreciate knowing that you're worse.

And why Music, Men & Mary J? Well, I knew music had to be in there, and men had to be in there, and mary j had to be in there. Does that make sense?

This blog may also serve as a study to temporary brain-rot's influence on writing. Can you tell the difference after I have spent a night with Mary Jane? Can I? 

We all know how it is. We somehow always get fucked up. We get into spirals of destructive behaviours until they all push us down so hard we can barely get our backs of the ground. In the last few months, I have gone from a repressed, 20-something big-town girl stuck in a small one to Montreal, the city where you can be fucked up as you want to be. 

So I guess I have been expirimenting. 

Since I moved out less than 3 months ago, I have slept with 5 and a half men and one woman. I went from smoking weed a couple of times a month to hanging with Australia (the weeded-up bad boy with a girlfriend) and taking the habit from there. Almost every day I light one up. I don't want to that much, but I am just letting myself accept this phase, knowing I will learn something from it. Am I being ignorant, self-destructive, defensive? It is probable. 

And as for music, that is a whole other story for a whole other day when my internet is back up at home (I am in Smalltown right now). 

Sorry but I am just going to eat a piece of chocolate and burn out.

Honesty can be ugly. 


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  1. I love this blog. Your so blunt and outspoken, remind me a little bit of myself. Go ahead darling and read my blogs. Leave as much comments as possible. =)



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